Deck installation




The foundational framework of your decking structure is the single most important aspect of deck installation— and it is also the most hidden so it is the easiest place for contractors to cut corners.

 At FCB, stability it is where we spend our energy and focus. Beginning with a topographical analysis, we navigate the natural stabilizers and destabilizers in your construction zone, leveraging the geography to maximize durability in your outdoor structure—creating a long-lasting foundation.

At Fox Custom Builders we have built a strong reputation—and one you can stand on for years to come.


At FCB we have a passion for perfection. Every detail and design caveat is reviewed with this passion and it shows through in our work.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled. Our carpenters bring in so many close-up pictures, showing off their work on flashings, joints, and angles that we often have to remind them to "Take a picture of the whole deck!"  When the small details are important to your builders, the big picture is for you to enjoy. 

Greater Kalamazoo, Portage, & Richland MI


At Fox Custom Builders (FCB), you will interface directly with your carpenter builder from concept through to completion. All FCB carpenter builders have expertise with quality and design that you can leverage to realize your ideal outdoor experience.

Areas of Expertise in Deck Installation and Construction: 

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  • Greater Kalamazoo, MI

  • Portage, MI

  • Richland, MI

  • Texas Corners, MI

  • Alamo Township, MI

  • Allegan, MI

  • Grand Rapids, MI

  • St Joe, MI

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  • Paw Paw, MI

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